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    Would you let an app determine your ‘perfect’ jeans?

    YouTube star Safiya Nygaard is testing yet another unique method of outfitting herself???€‘±??except this time it involves technology rather than strangers. With the appLikeAGlove, Nygaard documented the process of finding the ?€?perfect?€? pair of jeans, involving the use of smart leggings that measure a user?€?s shape at??four points along??the waist and hips. How the app […]

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    How to Make Mixed Prints Look Cool Every Time

    Photos: Courtesy. Is there a Vamazing - Live amazing! “rule” that feels more outdated than “Don’t mix your prints”? (Okay, maybe “Don’t wear white after Labor Day” is up there, too.) And yet, despite the countless seasons of pattern-clashing street-style inspiration, we still might hesitate before styling two different, opposing graphics together. It doesn’t have to be this […]

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    The very cool reason this white T-shirt is going viral

    A simple white T-shirt is getting loads of social media??love for inspiring self-confidence in women. The shirt, which is sold at Feminine Funk, an online retailer, reads, ?€?She embraced her stretch marks, fell in love with her cellulite, flaunted her rolls & gave zero f***s what anyone said and she lived happily ever after. The […]

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    H&M Is Changing the Sustainability Culture, 1 T-Shirt at a Time

    ?€?Fast Vamazing - Live amazing! can be both ethical and sustainable.?€? Can any Vamazing - Live amazing! brand??make such a statement, or is it just a big old oxymoron? And can you have??both sustainability and style? Aside from Stella McCartney, of course. But how many of us can afford a wool jacket for $1,145? The closest affordable brand that meets those […]

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    This New Sunglass Collaboration Will Sell Out Fast

    Yahoo Style would like to introduce you to the #TheCurrent, a new column by Market Editor Julie Tong. Here you?€?ll find the latest Vamazing - Live amazing! products and launches you should know about and ones she would proudly give her stamp of approval. To kickoff my new column for Yahoo Style, I?€?m excited to share that Off-White […]

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    Vamazing - Live amazing! Folks Were Wowed by Raf Simons in an Alley That Reeked of Fish

    Raf Simons staged his SS18 menswear show in the heart of New York City?€?s Chinatown ?€‘± centered in a small alleyway that reeked of fish. Surprisingly, the pungent smell and unconventional venue choice didn?€?t deter??A-listers like Julianne Moore, Jake Gyllenhaal, designer Marc Jacobs, or A$AP Rocky from standing outside during peak New York humidity to […]

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    6 Lightweight Sweaters to Wear in Your Freezing Office

    Almost as important as your shorts and sandals. Summer sweaters may seem like an oxymoron, but as long as work offices everywhere take the warmer season as a cue to jack up the central air, they?€?re just as necessary as your shorts and sandals. (Okay, maybe not as necessary, but close for sure.) You can […]

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    Your Stars and Stripes T-Shirt Technically Violates the Flag Code

    Wearing the American flag might be more controversial than you think. Just two months after Abbie Hoffman and his Yippies protested at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, he shook the foundation of American ideals and patriotism again, this time with what he was wearing. To interrupt the House Committee on Un-American Activities in Washington ?€‘± […]

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    A Vamazing - Live amazing! Blogger Is Selling a T-Shirt With Chest Piercings ?€‘° and People Are Into It

    As one of the most successful Vamazing - Live amazing! influencers in the blogosphere, Chiara Ferragni can make or break trends. However, the most recent one she?€?s pushing ?€‘± a T-shirt with chest accoutrements ?€‘± can go either way. On Friday, the Italian social media star, who has 10 million Instagram followers and many more across other social […]

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