• What's Hot
    NakeFit Footwear Could Eliminate the Need for Sandals

    The biggest trend in footwear this summer isn’t actually a shoe at all. Introducing NakeFit, a hypoallergenic adhesive pad that’s designed to stick to the bottoms of your bare feet-and make your summer so much better. “Imagine a world where you could just jump and run around without worrying about being barefoot,” it states in […]

  • Style
    That Red Bathing Suit That Went Viral in May Has Arrived … and People Love It

    After months of anticipation, the red bathing suit that went crazy on social media thanks to a botched company giveaway, is here ?€¡± and people love it. But first, the backstory: In May, California-based retailer Sunny Co Clothing announced a sweet deal: Anyone ?€¡± yes, anyone ?€¡± who re-posted a photo of the ?€?Pamela Sunny […]

  • Beauty
    How I Got My Dry, Itchy Winter Legs Summer-Ready

    ?€?Mommy, why do you have so many boo-boos??€? asked my son, looking at me in a pair of shorts. Good question, kid. Good question. For as long as I can remember, my legs have been my Achilles?€? heel, come summertime. They?€?re so dry in the winter that the skin is flaky and itchy; no matter […]

  • Beauty
    6 Tips to Get Your Feet Sandal-Ready for Summer

    Summer is right around the corner, which means it?€?s time to officially break out cute dresses, breezy shorts, and open-toe shoes. But if the thought of squeezing your dry??feet with chippednail polish into a pair of sandals terrifies you, no need to fret. We?€?ve got you covered on how to take care of that. After […]

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