• Beauty
    Consumer Reports Releases Annual Sunscreen Guide

    When it comes to picking out a sunscreen for a beach day, there are so many choices out there that it can sometimes be super-overwhelming. And while many factors come together in order to determine what constitutes a “good sunscreen,” there are some ways to narrow down the selection. As noted by Byrdie, Consumer Reports […]

  • Health
    Can Your Eyes Get Sunburned From Staring at the Sun? Experts Weigh In

    Even if you’re slathering on your SPF, there might still be one area of your face you’re failing to protect: your eyes. Just ask actor Busy Philipps, who said she was recently diagnosed with photokeratitis (aka eye sunburn) due to exposure to bright light and the sun. “I spent last night at Cedars [Hospital] after […]

  • Beauty
    DIY Sunscreen Exists

    By Sarah Kinonen. Photo by: Getty Images. The Internet is obsessed with DIY beauty. A quick Google search using the generic keywords “DIY beauty” pulls up more than 61 million hits. (Yes, millions.) There’s literally a treatment for everything (imagine: creamy avocado face masks honey hair treatments, and coffee grind scrubs). And while we’ve already […]

  • Beauty
    Future Sunscreen May Contain DNA ?€‘± and It Gets Better the Longer You Wear It

    Medical innovators have developed a coating made out of DNA that not only improves its ability to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light the longer it?€?s exposed to the sun?€?s rays but also keeps skin hydrated. ?€?Ultraviolet light can actually damage DNA, and that?€?s not good for the skin,?€? said??Guy German, assistant professor of […]

  • Style
    These Are the Safest 2 Drugstore Sunscreens That Scientists Swear By

    As plenty of cautionary tales have taught us, no Summer beauty bag is complete without SPF. And while there are plenty of luxurious (and pricey!) options available online for the planners among us, that doesn’t mean procrastinators or spontaneous day-trippers are out of luck. If you walk down any drugstore sunscreen aisle, you’ll find dozens […]

  • Health
    Is the Popular Sunscreen Ingredient Avobenzone Harmful?

    Sunscreen can be a lifesaver when it comes to shielding your skin from cancer-causing UV rays. But can certain ingredients in sunscreen be harmful? Possibly. Researchers at Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia looked at the stability of the popular chemical sunscreen ingredient avobenzone and found that it can break down into potentially hazardous chemicals […]

  • Health
    7 Sunscreens That Don?€?t Look Ashy on Dark Skin

    I was so used to hearing the saying ?€?Black don?€?t??crack?€? from elders in my family, that I grew up thinking my??melanin-rich skin was pretty invincible. But I learned the hard way that Black can crack when I experienced peeling skin after lying out in the sun in Miami?€?s South Beach during a college spring break […]

  • Beauty
    The Best SPF for People Who Hate Wearing Sunscreen

    We don’t need to remind you to wear sunscreen everyday (right?). But do you actually do it? If not, we’re betting the reason is one of the following: It feels too heavy or sticky. It leaves an odd cast on your complexion. It’s another step in your routine, and you just don’t have the time […]

  • Beauty
    This Calculator Analyzes if Your Lips Are Aging You

    People tend to think about the eyes first when it comes to your physical appearance revealing your age. While it?€?s true that this is one of the most recognized areas of the face to show the signs of aging (we?€?re talking to you, crow?€?s feet), your lips could be giving your age away. As funny […]

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