• Health
    South Carolina Restricts Abortion By Going After The Doctors Who Perform Them

    Last week, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed an executive order thatstops South Carolina from giving state or local money to any doctor or group associated with providing abortions. In a statement from Governor McMaster’s office, it explained further that the order stopped state agencies from providing money, “whether via grant, contract, state-administered federal funds, […]

  • ‘Bra Bulge’ Removal Surgery Is Real and On the Rise

    Just when you think the??Body Positive??movement is finally having a, well, positive effect, something new and depressing comes along: ?€?Bra bulge?€? surgery. ?€?Bra bulge?€? surgery??is a new cosmetic procedure which promises to rid you of that little pouch of flesh that sits between your bra strap and your armpit.??According to one cosmetic doctor requests for […]

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